From fresh veggies
To the most nutritious powders

Using the science of Freeze-Drying we only removed the water - pinky swear!
This method made it possible to turn fresh vegetables and fruits in long lasting powders while keeping the color, texture, flavour and nutritional value the same.

You'll only find whole organic plant foods as ingredients in Powder Veggies. The raw ingredients are flash-frozen and slow dried to retain their vitamines, minerals and nutrients. Nothing added and nothing removed, except water!

Water is removed using the best method for extending the shelflife of the ingredients while producing minimal loss of nutrional value. During freeze drying, the water is removed from the vegetables and fruits. This is done by first freezing the vegetables and fruit at a very low temperature. The vegetables and fruit are frozen between -30 and -80 degrees Celsius. Then the pressure in the freezer is lowered. By slowly increasing the temperature below the freezing point, the ice slowly turns into water vapor.

With freeze drying there is no heating process, this is another reason why all the nutrients are retained. When you heat fresh fruits and vegetables, between 20% and 50% of nutrients are lost. These nutrients are therefore retained in the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. This process is 100% natural and there is no chemical or heating process involved. This leaves up to 98% of all vitamins and minerals intact.

Freeze dried

  • Highest concentration veggies

    Only remove the water and leave all the good stuff behind. Without chemicals, so all natural!

  • No refrigirator

    No need to throw away your veggies after a few days. Freeze-dried veggie have the longest shelf-life up to 2 year

  • Blend to your liking

    Easily upgrade your hot and cold cereals, lunch
    and on the go shake to a smoothie

3gr powder = 30gr fresh veggies

Fresh veggies consist of 90% (sugar) water.

Retain 98% nutrition values

Saving the best vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Long shelf-life

Up to 2 years without the need of keeping it cool


Add to your food, beverage, yoghurt or even baked goods